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When are you coming out with a book!?

Hopefully by summer 2014. I'll keep you guys posted.

Where is your favorite sandwich?
An juicy Italian beef, sweet & hot from Johnnie's Beef in Elmwood Park & A handcut pastrami on rye from Langer's Delicatessin in Los Angeles, CA.

How much you bench?
225 4-5 times.

How has your life changed since winning Food Network Star Season 7?
After 10 years of hustling, taking risks & living in my in-law's basement, I can proudly say I have achieved my dream. Coupled with the fact that I get to feature my family on Sandwich King and take them along for the ride is a true blessing more valuable than all the gold in the world.well maybe not ALL of the gold but a good 7 - 9%.

Speaking of basements, I've heard your hometown of Elmwood Park has terrible flood issues, what kind of flood control do you have?
After 3 summers of consistent flooding in our finished basement, I've gone with the revolutionary "lift station" system.

Do you get to hobnob with all the other Food Network Stars?
Yes! I get to have beers with Guy at the various food festivals, hang out of Zakarian backstage in the green room, get dinner with Sunny, and once in a while, get a big old hug from Tuschman.

What is your favorite sandwich?
A pastrami on rye with a schmear of mustard. It's gotta be handcut, with a fair amount of perfectly rendered fat. Simplicity at it's best

What is your favorite non-sandwich food?
Hands down, Pizza. Chicago-style thin crust, cheese and sausage.

Where do you shoot your show?

I am proud to say that we shoot Sandwich King locally in Chicago, using primarily a Chicago-based crew. Nothing can replicate the true personality of Chicago.

What kind of product do you use in your hair?

I blow dry it, add in some classic palmade, then spackle it down with some of my wife's hairspray. The whole process takes 3 minutes and lasts sometimes up to 3 days.

What happened to $24 in 24 hours?

There is a small chance that show might come back in 2014. I loved doing that show and would love to have another travel show in the future. Nothing better than talking and eating!