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Sandwich Tips

Perfect Layering:

Throughout my years working in delis, sandwich shops and cafes, I've developed the proper and correct way to assemble a deli sandwich. Good luck telling your local deli guy to do it different! Regardless, when you're at home, follow this model and never have sandwich slippage again.

  1. Though Shall Always Treat yo' bread right!
    Butter and griddle whenever possible, this way it "reactivates" sometimes less-then-fresh bread and also gives it that golden toastiness that everybody loves.

  2. Thou Vows to Keep IT simple.
    This way, all the flavors and textures can shine through in one harmonious bite down.

  3. Though must keep it un-sloppy.
    The messier the sandwich, the more muddled the flavors get. Too much of too many good things can be a bad thing

  4. Covet thy Cheese, and always put it on the bottom.
    If the cheese is on the top you WILL get severe slippage and we don't want half our ingredients shooting across the room. Keep it on the bottom and this will make the sandwich more structurally sound.

  5. Honor your sandwich by cutting it in half!
    Enjoy the artistic splendor of the beautiful inside layers of your structurally magnificent sandwich.

  6. Thou shall keep it colorful!
    The more colors, the more appealing to the eye and the healthier…

  7. Thou will abide by proper ratios.
    Make sure your sandwich is not too bready or too meaty. A good rule of thumb is the 30:30:20:10:10 Ratio. 30% Bread, 30% Protein, 20% Veggie, 10% sauce, 10% more of whatever you crave most.

  8. Thou shall not covet your neighbor's non-sandwich.
    Enjoy and bask in the fact that you chose to eat a sandwich instead of a platter of chicken and rice like your co-worker. Chances are, he's totally jealous of you.

  9. Thou shall not bear false meat.
    Meaning, using the good stuff as much as possible. Seasonal vegetables, grass-fed beefs, freshly sliced premium deli meats and cheeses, homemade sauces.

  10. Thou shall eat at least one sandwich a day for optimum health and happiness.